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About me


My name is Linda. Linda Meyer. I am your “language tamer”. I am a trained foreign secretary, economic translator and interpreter for English and Spanish and I speak just a little bit of Portugese; my affinity to languages is evident.

I have worked for an international language school, where I managed the translation office. This is where I gained lots and lots of valuable contacts in the translation industry, that allow me to pull strings now. In 2014, I decided to concentrate on what I enjoy doing most: To bail you out of any translation or interpreting trouble.

My name is Linda. And for you, I will really throw myself into the task!

I personally only take on small translations from German into English and vice versa. I have the most experience with the translation of economic, engineering and general texts . I focus on the mediation, so that I can supply you with a wide range of professional and specific translations in various languages. The cooperation with multilingual people has always been something I particularly enjoyed. There is so much you can lear from each other and a foreign language  makes you connect in amazing ways. It generates a friendly and open atmosphere as everyone is making an effort to understand each other.

In case you have become hungry for learning a language after having had something translated, I will also be able to assist. Due to my experience which I gained from my work at an international language school, I can give valuable tips and recommendations. There is no standardized procedure, but individal advice and a solution for all of your language barriers.


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